Amiibo Price Guide

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Amiibo Price Guide

Nintendo’s Amiibos are exciting to collect, and can be worth a lot more than what they were sold for at retail. They become valuable due to a small print run, high demand, and having such great compatability features in Nintendo’s games. After Breath of the Wild was released, many of the existing Link Amiibos tripled in price. 

Here at Vgprice, we added a complete list of Amiibos, and their prices are being tracked. You can see the their Ebay recent sell history, and their Loose, and Sealed prices, if sufficient listings have been tracked. The prices are averages of recent Sold Ebay listings. The prices on the Amiibo page are an average of loose amiibos. 

For recently released items, sellers generally don’t differ the listings by “loose”, or “sealed”. It is common for the sealed price to be lower than loose sometimes, because they aren’t many sold as “sealed”. For newer releases, the “loose” category will have all loose and sealed items. The most accurate you can get with prices is to look at the recently sold. 

You can search for a specific Amiibo with the site search, or for quick access, you can view all Amiibo prices here

You can see the most expensive Amiibo currently is the Mega Yarn Yoshi, exluding the Mega Man Anniversary bundle.

The prices are tracked via the Amiibo’s Barcode. So if an Amiibo came from a 3 pack, I can only track the price of the original 3 pack, and not the separate Amiibo.

You can view the items recent sold listings, and report them if they don't belong. Reported items will be removed from within the next day, and the price will be recalculated.

If you noticed anything missing, or an items average price is way off, let me know via the contact form or in the comments. Coming soon is a feature to track your collection, and see its value in real time, including Amiibos.