Gravity Rush Remastered PS4 sold out! Jumped From $20 to $100 in a week.

By VGprice | Jan 19, 2017, 12:00 am | Twitter

Gravity Rush Remastered PS4 sold out! Jumped From $20 to $100 in a week.


The supply of Gravity Rush Remastered for PS4 dried up this week with this release of Gravity Rush 2.  Gravity Rush was sitting at a $20 price tag for a new copy during the 2016 holidays, and $30 when it was not on sale.  With it now being out of stock and in very high demand, the current average price is around $80 and copies are starting to selling for over $100 on ebay.  Gravity Rush Remastered was an amazon exclusive release, being sold new at Amazon, and Gamestop.

I've personally had the game on my Amazon wish list for over a year, but I didn't purchase it due to too many other games being higher up on my to-play list.   See the image from my wish list, too bad its sold out.


Rise in Demand

The high demand is most likely due to Gravity Rush 2 releasing this week, and players grabbing the first game to beat before they play Gravity Rush 2. 

Gravity Rush


There are speculations suggesting that Gravity Rush Remastered might be included in PlayStation Plus February 2017 list of free games. That would be a great time to play it, and if true, I might even pass up on owning a physical copy.  Gravity Rush Remastered has already been a part of the PlayStation Plus program in Asia and fans are expecting it to make it in the U.S. PS Plus.

You can see the price chart nearly quadrupled since the past month.


Being an Amazon exclusive release, I doubt that there will be any more copies printed. IF anyone has heard of Amazon Release only games getting new copies, hit me up. 

If you are still looking to grab a copy of Gravity Rush Remastered, I highly suggest waiting a few months. People will forget about this game by then and its used price will stabilize. My best guess is it balances out closer to $50, not because of its popularity, but because of its relatively small print run. This game is also available for digital download. Great idea if you have to fill the urge to play, but like me and most players, a physical copy is necessary.

Disclaimer: I own 0 copies of this game and am not trying to manipulate the market in any way.