Overwatch Review

By VGprice | May 31, 2016, 12:00 am | Twitter

To Start

Overwatch is very fun. I'm probably 24 hours logged for gameplay, but do not see myself getting bored of this game any time soon.  This game is refreshing compared to a lot of stale shooters as of late and this is majorly attributed to the cast of 21 playable characters. The game objectives are nothing new (and quite lacking), but the character design makes up for it. There is not much to discover about Overwatch, but we will still feel its impact on gaming for years to come.

There honestly not much to this game. There is no campaign. As of launch there is only a casual 6v6 mode, which randomly rotates between 3 different objective modes. King of the hill, Escort, and Assault (as well as a hybrid assault and escort mode). Also to mention there is a practice mode, custom games, and a weekly rotating unique (casual focused) mode. 

Overwatch got an insane amount of hype, and I believe it lives up to it. Not with a great story or one of a kind gameplay, but simply with how much fun you have while playing. There was a mass amount of social media buzz before launch. That came with the help of some SIIIIIICK launch videos, a mega successful beta trial, and the ability for players to get featured in a play of the game. I have seen hundreds of sweet POTG gifs, and even though half of them are junkrat, I really enjoy them. 


The Characters are absolutely what makes this game. With 21 unique and very polished characters, the only problem is being unable to decide which one to pick. There is often debate whether any characters are imbalanced, but you can put that to rest with any bit of experience. Each character is best used in different scenarios and in different combinations. Characters that appear overpowered are also very easily counter picked. There are four categories of characters. Attack, defense, tank, and support. This pretty much covers all the different styles of characters as well. Healers, tanks, high damage dealers, turret builders, snipers, and grenade spammers. 

Quick Play

Competitive mode is rumored to come in June, currently the only competitive mode is quick play. It takes me less than 60 seconds to from game launch to being in a match and playing. The games can end as fast as 5 minutes or go on for 20 depend on how good/bad the players are. This game is fantastic with a party of friends, but I often play as a lone wolf and it is still great fun. 


After paying the initial $40(pc) or $60(xbone;ps4), Blizzard claims you will not have to pay anymore for future released characters. I paid for the $40 pc version. The $60 version includes some extra skins and content for Blizzard's other games, but no way is that worth it to me. Is this game worth the price though? As of launch.... No.  Overwatch is very light in content. Realistically I would appropriately compare this to Counter Strike Global Offensive. Valve launched that title at only $15! I would realistically price this game being worth $20. Also I do not believe Overwatch should have been free to play. Having to pay for each character would be the only way to justify being F2P, and that just creates imbalance and potentially restricts the fun of players. 

Add Ons

Overwatch has dlc in the form of skins, sprays, voice lines, and player icons. It is currently to only way to acquire the cosmetic items and its by luck.  It's called the loot box, and I am not a big fan of it. for $1 a box you get four random items, and you are not likely to get the any of the badass skins you have been looking at(unless you are willing to pump big money into the luckbox). That being said this is entirely optional, and cosmetic only. It will not give you an advantage over other players.  


- Beautifully designed, diverse characters 
- Maps are designed well
- Fun!


-expensive for what you get

Overwatch is a lot of simple fun. Steep price for what you get. Maps are designed well. Characters are beautifully designed. 

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