The “Nintendo PlayStation” is finally working!

By VGprice | May 5, 2017, 12:00 am | Twitter


The Nintendo Playstation prototype was previously not functional until Ben Heck was given to opportunity to work on multiple different occasions.  Ben first started working on it after seeing the Nintendo Playstation prototype at the Midwest Gaming Classic 2016.  He was then able to get it working to play SNES cartridges, but it did not play CD's or CD-ROMS. 

Ben Heck was surprised when the CD drive started to work overnight. He says "I jiggled the cables around and got ready to work on it some more, and all of a sudden it works...". Ben tests it out and gets an audio cd working. He is able to control the CD menu via SNES controller. 

Ben put in a burned CD ROM of "Super Boss Gaiden". It did not work because he thought the system RAM was too weak. Ben tries again with a much simpler game of "Magic Floor" and that is able to run! He later learned that the game didn't work because of some inaccuracies of the Homebrew software that were not on the emulator.

Ben states that the Nintendo Playstation is now out of his hands, and up to the homebrew programmers to learn what the hardware can actually do, vs what they thought it could do.