The SNES preservation project is dead

By VGprice | Feb 14, 2017, 12:00 am | Twitter

The SNES Preservation Project was initiated by Byuu 13 years ago, with the goal of proper preservation for all games on the SNES. The amount of preservation included scanning boxes, cartridges, game boards, manuals, and ROM dumps (not distributed).

The project has since come to an end when a contributor's package from Germany to Byuu in the US, containing 100 PAL games, was lost using DHL and the US Postal Service. There is an estimated $10,000 value in games lost. This was the second package of five, which was to be returned after the data was collected from the games.

Byuu has spent weeks now appealing to USPS for help. The package was insured but only for its travel from the EU to the US, nothing after it arrived it the states.  Byuu's current hopes are to get the attention of USPS, to better settle the issue, and beyond that Byuu plans on opening a small fundraiser to help cover the cost to replace the borrowed games.

What can I do?

"What I need more than anything is to get the USPS' attention. Nothing I've tried has worked. Please, spread the word, ask other sites to cover this story, ask your friends and try to find any USPS employees. Especially higher up employees. Managers and postmasters especially."

"I declared the project dead yesterday, because I had assumed the donor would be furious about the lost games (I know I would be), and wouldn't want to donate any more cartridges. But it seems he is willing to continue, just with smaller lots and higher insurance — provided that DHL pays out the insurance claim on the current package."- Byuu

Full details in Byuu's post on his website.