Solar Striker Review

Part of the Now You're Playing With Power! Series | By Robert Colichio | Sep 20, 2017, 11:00 am

Solar Striker Review

Hello everyone, and welcome to our weekly installment of, Now You're Playing With Power! Each Wednesday, I will highlight an NES, SNES, or Gameboy title in my collection, from the golden age of Nintendo (1985-1995). Please note that the rating system I use towards the end of the article is based off expectations of games at the time, (especially in the graphics category). Ratings are 1-10, ten being the best, while the overall score is not an average.

Solar Striker is today's game! A Shoot em up courtesy of Nintendo. I got this game off a local seller in April of last year. I have not completed it as of yet.

In the year 2159, Earth has united to form an army to defend the planet. In the "defense of Earth" the army decides to attack a star called Turin. The plan miserably backfires causing the army to be destroyed and the alien race known as the Reticulon to turn the tables towards Earth. In the Solar Striker craft, your job is to combat and defeat the Reticulon.

Solar Striker is a very upfront and basic space shooter. With six levels, each with a boss at the end, the game does well to vary enemies and their movements throughout. The top down view is only partly visible as you play, as you can steer left or right to uncover more of the level.

Like most every other space shooter, enemies drop power ups to help increase the effect of the ship's weaponry. The firepower increase as you get more power ups. These of course a particularly useful later on as the games gets harder.

Solar Striker starts off easy enough, but quickly increases the difficulty as you progress. The game controls quite well and feels natural too. There really isn't too much that sticks out as needing a lot of improvement.

Overall, the game is an average title and a good addition to any shoot em up collection.

Developed by: Nintendo
Released: 1990
Also Available On (Ports may vary): N/A
Current Market Value: $4-$8

Graphics & Sound: 7.6
Play Control: 8.2
Theme & Fun: 7.9
Challenge: 7.3

Overall: 7.5